Aero Flite Trailers
"America's Smartest Trailers"
Sixty or more years after they were built, many of the house trailers and camping trailers manufactured immediately following World War II are being discovered by enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate the styling, quality of construction, and history associated with vintage trailer coaches.  One of the rarest and most desirable brands of vintage trailers is the Aero Flite brand.  Aero Flite trailers were based on a design created by aircraft engineer Frederick C. Hoffman.  Hoffman’s design featured attractive styling, filtered cross ventilation, efficient use of space, and lightweight structural materials.  The trailers were built by two companies, Aero Services, Inc. and Aero Lines, Inc., at Van Nuys Municipal Airport, Van Nuys, California, between 1945 and 1949.  The companies were operated by J. Gordon Hussey, an ex-Navy man and entrepreneur. Hussey’s companies employed aircraft design and construction experts, and the companies worked with the highest quality materials.  Hoffman’s and Hussey’s efforts produced one of the most carefully engineered and well-built trailer brands of the postwar era.  Aero Flite trailers are highly desirable today among enthusiasts and collectors of vintage trailers who recognize the high quality, unique styling, and rarity of the Aero Flite brand.  Approximately 120 of the trailers were built and as many as 25 trailers are known to survive today.  This website is intended to complement the trailers and to honor the efforts of the people who designed and built them.

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